Get a star named after someone: In astronomy, it is possible to get a star named after someone, plus there are many objects that have been named by people. These include planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and stars. Many of these names were given by private citizens. There are also some astronomical objects that have been named after famous people. This includes the asteroid 3 Juno, which was named after the wife of Jupiter. Another example is the planet Mercury, which was named after an ancient Roman god. Pluto, the ninth planet from the Sun, was named after the Roman god of the underworld.

Some bright stars have proper names. Most stars have alphanumeric names. The IAU supports a working group on star naming. New official IAU star names are adopted from this list. Names for exoplanet and their host stars may also be approved by the IAU executive committee.

star named after someone

The International Astronomical Union does not sell fake stars, surface features, or real estate on other worlds. We do not maintain any lists of companies involved in this business. Readers who want to contact them should use commercial directory services in their country of origin instead.

The International Astronomical Union does not approve of any businesses using its name without permission. Any claims that the IAU is involved in these businesses are completely false. The IAU will pursue all documented cases of illegal use of its name by all available means.

Stars are beautiful, and the night sky is free. But if you want to know the name of a certain star, then you must pay for it.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) is an international organization responsible for organizing astronomical conferences, publishing journals, and awarding prizes. The IAU also oversees the official names given to celestial objects. In particular, the IAU assigns official names to stars, planets, comets, asteroids, and minor bodies such as dwarf planets.

 star named after someone

How are Stars Really Named?

Stars have both names and designators. Some stars have already been discovered before the invention of astrology. But now, the responsibility of naming stars falls upon the IAU.

Stars were named using a system of Greek and Latin alphabetical characters. This system was used until the 19th century when astronomers started introducing the Arabic numerals.

Stars are numbered according to their position in the sky. New stars discovered today are designated by letters or numbers. Some stars may be found in more than one catalog.

Variable stars are stars that change in brightness over time. There are many different types of variable stars. Some stars are named after a letter of the alphabet. When the last letter of the alphabet is used up, the next letter gets assigned as a new name.

Supernovas get their names from the first two letters of their designation. When a supernova occurs, it gets its last designation based on the year it occurs. For example, if a supernova occurs in 2020, it would be designated as SN2020A.

A star named after a famous person, such as the sun or moon, is called a planetarium star. Stars named after people who made important contributions to astronomy are called honorific stars.

This group should be responsible for deciding on the correct spelling of each star. Some stars have more than one name, but there are also many stars that share the same name. The group must decide on the correct spelling of these stars.

List of stars and designations approved by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) as of 1 June 2018.

get a star named after someone

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Can You Really  get a star named after someone?

There are many different sites online that offer free star names. You can google it up and see if any of these sites work for you. However, since this is a free service, there won’t be any records kept of who gets what name.

You can’t buy stars. But if you want to name something, you can do it. There is a formal procedure called IAU (International Astronomical Union) that names things.

How to Name a Star After Someone as a Gift or Buy One For Yourself

get a star named after someone

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The first star ever discovered was Polaris, which we now know as Ursa Minor. It was the first object to have its proper motion measured, showing that it moves across the sky at a rate of 0.5 arcsec per year. It has been observed since antiquity, and has been known by various names including “the Bear” and “The Little Dipper”.

It is one of the seven classical planets and is located near the constellation Ursa Major (Greater Bear).

In Greek mythology, Ursa Major was associated with the goddess Artemis (Roman Diana), who had her temple on Mount Cynthus. According to Ptolemy, the Greeks believed that the Pole Star was the home of Artemis.

In Chinese astronomy, the Big Dipper is represented by the asterism 十二曜星 (Shí’èrbǐngxīng).


A star is a celestial body orbiting a galaxy. They are usually very far away from Earth, but they are visible to us because they are so bright.

They are also extremely hot, glowing brightly due to their intense heat.

They are made mostly out of hydrogen gas, although they contain small amounts of helium and heavier elements like carbon and oxygen.

Stars are generally classified according to how much mass they have. Stars with more than eight times the Sun’s mass are considered supergiants.