Do you ever get into arguments with other people? How would you react if someone criticized your appearance, your job performance, or even your parenting skills? How do you deal with critical people? Do you get defensive or try to change their mind? Would you get angry, defensive, or try to change their mind? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might need to read this article.

There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated. In fact, it’s healthy to express yourself and share your opinions. However, if you find yourself constantly arguing with someone who doesn’t agree with you, then there might be something else at play here.

Critical people are those who criticize others without having anything constructive to say. They tend to see things through a negative lens and give negative comments, they often don’t realize that there’s another side to every story.

We all have our own opinions and beliefs. Sometimes these opinions clash with those of others. When this happens, we often find ourselves arguing with someone who has different views than us. This can lead to conflict and tension between friends and family members.

If you find yourself dealing with people who have critical behavior, this article will discuss ways to deal with critical people and how to keep your cool when dealing with them.

 Critical People

– Helpful Ways To Deal With Critical People :

Don’t Take It Personally

You should never take criticism personally. Your feelings about the situation are not what matters most in life. What is important is how you respond to the situation.

Be Respectful

A person who criticizes you does so because he/she feels hurt by your actions or words. The best way to handle such situations is to remain respectful and polite.

Objectify the Comments

Understand the Underlying Message behind the Criticism. For example, if someone says “You’re too short,” understand that he/she may actually mean “Your height makes me feel insecure.”

Take it as a Source of Honest Feedback

Instead of getting offended by the comment, ask for more information. Ask why the person thinks you look bad. Is it because you’ve gained weight? Or maybe you have a new hairstyle which doesn’t suit you well?

Stay Calm

Don’t let the criticism affect you emotionally. Try to stay calm and collected. Remember that you are always allowed to disagree with someone but you shouldn’t argue with him/her.

Show Them Kindness

Show kindness towards the person who did not like your looks. Offer to buy him/her lunch or coffee. Say sorry if you made a mistake.

Give positive feedback

When you receive positive feedback from someone, acknowledge it. Tell him/her that you appreciate his/her words.

Avoid Them

Avoid talking to critical people whenever possible. Instead, focus on making good friends.

Disengage Ignore them

Sometimes, critical people can make you feel uncomfortable. So, just ignore them. Focus on doing your work instead.

Take slow and deep breaths.

Taking slow and deep breaths helps reduce stress levels and calms down your nerves.

Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective to think positively. Think about the positives in your life rather than focusing on the negatives.

 Critical People

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Look At Things From Their Point Of View

Try to look at things from their point of view. If you want to change something, try to do it from their point of view first.

Make Friends With Difficult People

Make friends with difficult people. Learn to accept them and learn to live with them.

Accept That Some People Are Just Like That

Some people are just like that. They criticize without thinking twice. But don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with being critical.

Take it as a Source of Honest Feedback

If you notice that someone is criticizing you, then listen carefully to what he/she has to say. This will help you improve. Don’t see it as critical feedback or a personal attack.

Don’t “Ask” for Opinions if You Can’t Take It

If you cannot take criticism, then don’t ask others for their opinions. You need to be able to hear negative comments.

Don’t Get Defensive

Never get defensive when someone criticizes you. Instead, tell him/her that you heard what he/she said and thank him/her for sharing his/her opinion.

 Critical People

Why is receiving feedback difficult?

Receiving feedback is difficult because we often interpret it negatively. We tend to believe that every word spoken against us is true. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, most criticisms are false.

The best way to deal with criticism is to understand its purpose. Criticism should be used to teach you how to improve yourself.

The reason why some people dislike giving criticism is due to fear. They’re afraid that they might hurt other people’s feelings.