Do you want to start living life to the fullest? Do you want to accomplish all those goals you’ve been dreaming about? If yes, then you need to get started today.

You’re probably thinking “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have enough time”. Well, you’re wrong. You have plenty of time to live your dreams. The problem is that you’re not using it effectively. The basic idea is to keep track of your goals and to take steps to achieve these goals in order to maximize the incredible experiences in your life.

If you want to achieve your goals, you need to set them out clearly and write them down. Then you need to create a plan to reach them. And finally, you need to stick to it.

That’s where printable bucket lists come in. They’re simple, effective, and fun. They’ll help you stay focused and motivated throughout your day. they will be visual reminder of all your dreams, and a big step into achieving those goals.

So if you want to make this year different from any other one before, here are 20 awesome printable bucket list templates you can use right away:

1. Travel Bucket List Template

This template will give you an idea on what places around the world you’d like to visit someday. It includes countries such as Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom and many more!

2. Career Bucket List Template

Are you looking forward to starting a new career path? Or maybe you already have one but would love to take things up another notch? Either way, this free printable will help you figure out exactly which job you should be doing next.

3. Health & Fitness Bucket List Template

Want to lose weight? Get fit? Improve your health? These three areas go hand-in-hand so why wouldn’t they also form part of your bucket list? Use this template to keep track of everything you do towards achieving these goals.

4. Relationship Bucket List Template

Have you ever thought about how much better off you could be with someone else? Maybe you think he/she isn’t good enough for you. Perhaps you feel there’s no chemistry between you two. Whatever the case may be, this template will allow you to see just how great your relationship could be.

5. Education Bucket List Template

Did you know that education has the power to change lives forever? That’s why we created this educational bucket list template. With it, you can easily record every single thing you learn during school. From math lessons to English classes, you won’t miss anything.

6. Home Improvement Bucket List Template

Whether you dream of having a beautiful home filled with family members or simply wish to improve upon your current abode, this template will let you document everything you do toward making your house into something special.

7. Hobbies Bucket List Template

What hobbies do you enjoy most? Which ones do you find yourself getting sucked into? Now that you know what interests you, put together a bucket list of activities you’d like to try out.

8. Money Making Ideas Bucket List Template

We all spend money every day without even realizing it. But when was the last time you made some extra cash? If you don’t know how to start earning money now, then this is the perfect place to begin.

9. Personal Development Bucket List Template

Do you want to become a better person? A happier person? Well, this template will show you how to get started. By documenting each step along the way, you’ll soon realize just how far you’ve come.

10. Spiritual Growth Bucket List Template

Everyone needs spirituality at times. However, not everyone knows how to incorporate spiritual growth into their daily life. This template will teach you how to do just that.

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11. Vacation Bucket List Template

Planning vacations doesn’t always happen overnight. Sometimes you might only decide to travel once you hit retirement age. So if you’re planning on taking an extended vacation in the near future, use our vacation bucket list template and make sure you never forget any details.

12. Family Bucket List Template

If you don’t already have a family bucket list then now is definitely the time to start making some plans for that special occasion. This printable includes everything from birthdays to weddings and even anniversaries so make sure you get started today!

13. Volunteer Work Bucket List Template

Volunteering is a wonderful experience. Not only does it give back to society, but it allows you to meet new friends as well. Create a volunteer work bucket list using this template and ensure you never forget any details!

14. Writing Bucket List Template

It’s easy to write down ideas while brainstorming them. But sometimes those thoughts are too big to capture in one sitting. Make things easier by creating a writing bucket list. Using this template, you can quickly jot down whatever comes to mind.

15. Best Friend Bucket List Template

This template includes some great suggestions for what you could write about when creating this bucket list. It has space for writing out your best friend’s name as well as their birth date so that they know how long they’ve been part of your life. This would make an awesome gift for any occasion such as birthday parties, graduations, weddings, etc.

16. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Bucket List Template

If you have someone who means a lot to you, create a bucket list for him or her. Include fun experiences you plan on doing together, places you hope to visit, and other items he or she may be interested in learning more about.

17. Things To Do Before I Die Bucket List Template

Create a bucket list of things you want to accomplish before you die. Use this template to keep track of your goals. Afterward, share your bucket list with others so that they can help motivate you throughout your journey.

18. Bucket List For My Kids Template

A bucket list for kids is a good idea because it helps children understand exactly where they stand in terms of development. They also appreciate knowing what they still need to achieve.

19. Bucket List Template Ideas For Your Child

If you have a child, chances are you already have plenty of ideas for his or her next milestone. Now, take these ideas and turn them into a bucket list. The goal here isn’t necessarily to complete everything listed; rather, it should serve as inspiration for your kid.

20. Retirement  Bucket List Template

Retirement is often seen as a time for rest and relaxation. That said, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue working during this stage of your life. In fact, many people find themselves enjoying their jobs much more than ever before. Take advantage of this opportunity and document every aspect of your career.

21. Birthday Party Bucket List Template

Birthday parties are always loads of fun. However, if you’re not careful, they can easily become stressful affairs. If you’d like to avoid this scenario, consider including this party checklist in your invitations. By following through with each item, you’ll feel confident that everyone will enjoy the festivities.

22. Wedding Planning Bucket List Template

Weddings are exciting occasions filled with joyous memories. Unfortunately, most couples tend to overlook one important detail: wedding planning. Make sure you include this bucket list template in your invitation package so guests know how to prepare for the big day.

23. Baby Shower Gift Guide Bucket List Template

Baby showers are wonderful ways to celebrate new parents-to-be. While shower gifts aren’t necessary, they certainly add an extra touch of excitement to the celebration. Consider creating a baby gift guide using this bucket list template. Guests will love seeing which products were chosen by friends and relatives.

24. Graduation Bucket List Template

Graduations are great milestones in anyone’s life. Whether you’re graduating high school, college, or university, this graduation checklist will help ensure that you receive all of the items needed for commencement ceremonies.

25. Fashion Bucket List Template

Fashion has been a part of our lives since we first learned to walk. It doesn’t matter whether you want to learn about fashion trends or simply keep up with current styles, this bucket list template provides just what you need. Use it to plan out outfits for upcoming social gatherings or create a shopping wishlist for future trips.

26. Hiking Bucket List Template

Hiking is not only an excellent way to challenge yourself physically, but it’s also beneficial even mentally. From hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to trekking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the world is littered with bucket list-worthy routes and trails  What are the best hikes on Earth, that will make you feel on top of the world? We’ve got them—from backpacking treks to epic day hikes.

27. Cocktail Bucket List Template

Cocktails are often considered as being among the easiest drinks to mix at home. They also provide endless opportunities for creativity when mixed properly. Create your own cocktail recipe using this bucket list template and share it with others who would appreciate its unique flavor combinations.

28. Holidays Bucket List Template

Planning holiday activities ahead of time will save you lots of stress once December rolls around. Start planning early and use this template to record all of your favorite events. From Christmas carols to New Year’s Eve celebrations, this bucket list makes it simple to remember each event without having to rely on memory alone.


So, now that you have some ideas for printables, let us show you how easy it really is to get started and how to make a bucket list.