For the best friend bucket list, best friends are very important people in our lives. We should always be there for them. We should never forget about them. And we should make sure they know how much we love them.

Bucket lists are a great idea for best friends. Best friends should make a list of things they want to do together. This includes both big and small adventures. It can include anything from going on vacation, seeing a concert, or even just having dinner at home. The possibilities are endless.

If you have ever been asked what your favorite thing is about yourself, the answer will probably be something like “I’m really good at making new friends.” That’s because being able to make new friends is one of the most enjoyable parts of life. Making new friends is also an excellent way to meet new people who share similar interests with you.

If you’re looking for some fun ways to spend time with your best friend, here are some ideas:

1. Go out for coffee or tea

best friend bucket list

You can talk about everything under the sun. Or you can get into deep discussions about books, movies, TV shows, music, and more.

2. Plan a girl’s night out

Go shopping, go dancing or watch a movie. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, plan a night where you can hang out with your best friend.

3. Take a road trip!

If you live near each other, why not take a long drive? Get away from all the stress and noise of everyday life. Take a day off work and just relax.

4. Do something adventurous together

Maybe you could try rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking. These activities require lots of physical activity and mental focus. But if you’re up for it, they’ll definitely give you memories that last forever.

5. Spend time together outside

Whether it’s a walk around the park, a hike through the woods, or a bike ride along the beach, spending time outdoors is relaxing and rejuvenating. Plus, you don’t need any special equipment to participate. Just bring comfortable shoes and a smile.

6. Binge Watch a TV Series

best friend bucket list

We’re here to help you get your friends together and enjoy some quality time together. You can do this by streaming shows together via Netflix or Amazon Prime. There are lots of great shows available on these services, and we can help you pick one.

The Office, Friends, and Grey’s Anatomy are pretty popular TV shows, but if you and your BFF are struggling to get a show, then the “33 of the Best TV Shows To Watch Binge-Watch List” will help you out.

7. Volunteer together

Volunteering is a great way to help others. You’ll learn new things about yourself and meet people you wouldn’t otherwise know. Volunteering also gives you an opportunity to make friends and get involved with your local community.

9. Go to New York on a shopping spree together

best friend bucket list

New York City is a great place to visit. You should go there if you want to see some amazing places. You can also learn about the history of this city.

10. Get Matching Tattoos

Tattoos are permanent, so friends should always be together. Get matching tattoos if you want to stay close forever.

11. Take a Cooking Class

There are so many benefits to attending cooking classes. Whether it’s solo or for a best friend, you’ll both have fun trying to create something delicious. Then, once you’ve succeeded, you’ll be able to enjoy eating your creation!

12. Book a spontaneous city break together

I’m going to be in London this week. We should go there together.

13. Have a Spa Day

best friend bucket list

Pamper yourself with a relaxing day out with your best friend. Book a spa day or take a weekend getaway to a great spa.

14. Snap and scrapbook all your shared memories

A scrapbook is a great way to remember the things you want to do before you die. You can make a scrapbook by taking pictures of places you’ve been or things you’ve done. You can also write down important events in your life. Scrapbooks are usually made out of paper or cardboard, but some people use plastic. You can add pictures, drawings, stickers, and other items to your scrapbook. You can put them together into albums. You can also buy scrapbooks online.

15. Drink Rose All Day

A day off with your best friend is always a great idea! You should definitely go out and do something fun with your best friend. You could also watch a movie or two. This is a perfect day to hang out with your best friend.

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16. See your favorite band together

You’ve got a lot of friends! This is a great place to meet new people. You should check out this site called It’s a website where you can go online and make friends with other people who share similar interests as you do.

17. Find Your Favorite Brunch Spot

You need to go out and eat somewhere delicious. Try new places until you find something you both enjoy.

18. Take BFF Selfies

A fun way to immortalize friendships is by taking selfies together. You can easily snap fun photos on the go. Or, you could put on a photoshoot with a theme and outfits planned ahead of time; either going for a really silly look or your own personal fashion shoot! Once you have a lot of BFF selfies to pick from, print some of them and create a lovely collage on the wall of your bedroom.

19. Go on a Camping Trip

best friend bucket list

Camping trips are great because you get to relax and enjoy nature. You can roast hotdogs and eat s’mores. Maybe you’ll even find a lake to chill by!

 20. Have a Girls Night In

A night in with friends is always fun. We recommend you get into your cutest pajamas, order some pizza, drink a bottle of wine, watch movies, play games, or do whatever makes you happy.

21. Start a new hobby together

This new hobby could be anything. Make sure you’re having fun together!

22. Get photo booth photos taken

Take a lot of pictures of your friends and family together. Keep these as memories.

23. See a movie at the drive-in

best friend bucket list


Pack the treats, the sodas, the comfy wear, and the blankets. Stay there for a double feature too!

24. Create photo books of all your memories

Your best friends are going to take a lot of pictures together. You might as well document them all in one place.

25. Make a time capsule

Open up your time capsule and read what you wrote to yourself and your best friend. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ve changed over the years!

26. Bungee jump

You should never fear anything. Go ahead and try something new!

27. Learn a new language

best friend bucket list

A great best friend bucket list item is learning a new language together. You can then travel to the country of origin to practice your skills.

28. Make friendship bracelets

You can create your own personal storybook by adding different charms together. This is great for creating a personalized gift or something unique for yourself.

29. Get brunch on the weekends

A best friend’s bucket list always includes brunch. Drinking before noon isn’t acceptable, but you can order a bunch of small plates and share.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a list of things you want to do with your best friend. Then start planning!

The best part about being a best friend is that you get to see the world through someone else’s eyes. You get to experience things that they haven’t experienced before. So, if you want to add more experiences to your best friend bucket list, here are some ideas:

  • Visit a museum
  • Take a trip to an amusement park
  • Do a scavenger hunt
  • Go to a concert
  • Play mini-golf
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Try a new sport

These are just a few ideas. There are many other ways to make your best friend bucket list complete. What are some of your favorite activities to do with your best friends?