Baby showers are an exciting time for new parents. They get to celebrate their impending parenthood with friends and family while also showing off their new bundle of joy.

But sometimes these parties can turn into stressful events where everyone ends up talking about the same thing. It’s hard to find a balance between celebrating the new addition to the family and having a good time.

Here are 22 ways to make your next baby shower fun and memorable for everyone involved.

Baby Shower Bucket List: 16 ways to make your baby shower actually fun!

1. Have A Theme!

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A theme is one way you can really set the tone at your party, especially if it’s going to be more than just a few hours long. You could have a “baby-themed” party or even go all out by doing something like a “baby shower” themed event.

2. Invite The Parents Of Your Guests To Be Present At The Party

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This will give them some added incentive to come since they’ll know that there will be someone else in attendance who has been through what they’re experiencing right now. Plus, this gives you another opportunity to show how much you care about them as well.

3. Make Sure Everyone Is On Board With What You Want For The Event

If you want to do things differently from other people, then let those around you know ahead of time so they don’t feel pressured to follow suit. This goes double when it comes to food choices. Some guests may not eat gluten-free foods or vegan options. Letting others know beforehand helps avoid any awkward situations later on down the road.

4. Decide Who Will Do Which Tasks And When

If you’ve got multiple tasks planned for the day, decide beforehand which person will take each task. That way no one feels left out because they didn’t get to help cook anything.

5. Plan Ahead So There Are No Last Minute Hiccups

Make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. If you need to buy last minute items such as balloons or favors, plan ahead so you won’t run out. Also, try to keep track of how many guests you expect to attend so you aren’t scrambling at the end.

6. Keep In Touch Afterward

After the big day is over, send out thank you notes to everyone who helped out. Even though most of us would love to skip this step, sending handwritten cards makes the experience extra special.

7. Donate Items Or Money Toward Baby Supplies

You might think that giving gifts isn’t necessary but donating money toward baby supplies is always appreciated. Not only does it allow you to spread cheer during a difficult time, but it shows that you truly appreciate the gift being given to you.

8. Ask Friends & Family To Bring Something Special

Instead of buying presents, ask friends and family members to bring something unique instead. Maybe they’d prefer to bake cookies rather than shop? Whatever it is, it should add a personal touch to the celebration.

9. Give Them Time Off From Work

It’s okay to tell your coworkers that you need them to stay home for the day. Most likely they understand why you need to spend quality time with your soon-to-be newborn.

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10. Get Creative With Food Choices

Don’t limit yourself to traditional dishes either. Instead, consider making an entire meal centered around your new bundle of joy. It doesn’t matter whether you choose pizza, tacos, pasta, sandwiches, etc., as long as you are having fun!

11. Have A Photo Booth Set-Up

Photos are great keepsakes and memories of the occasion. Having a photo booth where guests can pose with props and accessories will create lasting memories.

12. Create An Interactive Game

Games like charades, word games, and even musical chairs are all good ideas. They provide entertainment while also allowing guests to bond together.

13. Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

Prepare one full baby bottle for each person at your baby shower. Then have them fill up their bottles with water and chug away until there is nothing in the bottle. The winner gets bragging rights and a prize.

14. Make Sure Everyone Has Fun

The best part about throwing a party is sharing experiences with loved ones. However, if someone has never been to a baby shower before, it could be overwhelming. Try to include activities that everyone enjoys so they’ll leave feeling happy and excited.

15. plan fun baby shower game night

Planning a baby shower game night means planning a few different types of games. You don’t want to play too much because then people may get bored. But you also don’t want just one type of game because then no one wins anything.

16. Ask every attendee to bring a baby photo of themselves to the baby shower.

This way, when the guest opens his/her present, he/she will see what kind of child was expected.

17. Have Your Guests Write Down Their Favorite Memories Of You And Your Expectant Father On Post-it Notes

This idea works well because it allows people to share stories without worrying about embarrassing anyone. Plus, it creates a tangible memory that lasts forever.

18. Invite Local Celebrities For Guest Speakers

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Local celebrities or famous parents who have had children close to yours can come to speak on topics such as parenting tips, pregnancy advice, and more. These speakers often give very helpful information that would otherwise go unspoken.

19. Send your baby shower guests gift cards to local restaurants

If you’re hosting a brunch, send out baby shower gift cards to some nearby places. That way, guests won’t feel obligated to spend money on food they might not enjoy.

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21. Give Each Attendee A Baby Name Book To Fill Out

Each guest should receive a book filled with blank pages. At the end of the evening, write down names of potential baby names on the appropriate page. Afterward, ask guests which name they think fits the personality of the newborn better. type of event benefits charity organizations.

22. Play fun Games

The night before the shower put tiny plastic babies into an ice cube tray and fill it with water. When guests arrive, let them take turns trying to find the baby. If they do not succeed within 10 minutes, then they get another try. Once they’ve found the baby, they must place him/her back into the freezer. Whoever finds the most babies wins a prize.

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However, if you’re doing a virtual baby shower, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw any sort of celebration! It’s important to celebrate the fact that you’re expecting a new addition to your family. So whether you choose to host a traditional baby shower or hold a virtual gathering, read the article below and have enjoyable ideas about your virtual shower!