There are so many crazy things to do before you die. Some people want to see the world, others want to live life to the fullest. Others want to spend their last days on earth doing something they love.

Moreover, some of these activities can be done in a short period of time and others take years or even decades to complete. So if you have been thinking about what you would like to accomplish during your lifetime, then this bucket list is for you! Here we will discuss the 20 craziest things that you should try out before you die. These activities range from extreme sports to traveling around the globe. Let’s get started:

20 Crazy Things To Do Before You Die!

1. Travel Around The World & Visit Places That Are Famous All Over The Globe

This one might seem impossible at first but it really isn’t. There are plenty of ways to travel around the world without having to go through an airport. For example, there are tons of cruises available where you don’t need any passport stamps. If you prefer flying instead of cruising, then you could always book flights with no layovers. Another option is to visit other countries by train. In fact, most major cities offer cheap international trains which allow travelers to explore different parts of the country while saving money.

2. Fly a plane: Become a Pilot

Ever wondered what it feels like to fly a private jet? Now’s your chance to find out firsthand. All you need is $250,000. That’s how much it costs to buy a single commercial airline flight. In fact, most airlines charge anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000 per hour. While flying privately sounds expensive, it’s cheaper than taking public transport. Plus, when compared to other forms of transportation, flying is safer and faster.

3. Go skydiving

This activity has become very popular among thrill-seekers all over the world. It involves jumping off an airplane at high altitudes with no parachute attached to it. The only thing keeping you safe is the air itself. If you survive the jump, then you will feel as though you just won the lottery. However, there are risks involved too. For example, if you don’t know how to land properly, then you could end up breaking bones or getting injured badly. Moreover, if you suffer any kind of medical condition such as heart problems, then you might not make it back alive. But still, if you think that you are ready to face those challenges, then go ahead and book yourself a ticket now!

4. Learn How To Play An Instrument Well Enough To Perform Live On Stage

If you enjoy playing music, then learning how to play instruments well enough to perform live on stage is definitely worth trying out. This way, you can share your musical passion with friends and family members. Plus, you can also earn extra cash performing gigs around town. Of course, you must practice regularly and dedicate lots of hours to mastering each instrument.

5. Start Your Own Business

Are you good at marketing things online? Then this business idea may be perfect for you. Many small businesses operate solely online. So, if you like working from home, then starting your own e-commerce site is something you should seriously consider. Sell everything from fashion accessories to electronics gadgets to books and even services related to blogging. No matter what type of product you decide to sell, just ensures that it fits within the niche market so that you get maximum exposure.

6. Get A Real Life Job

Doing odd jobs here and there is one thing we all have done throughout our lives. But did you ever imagine doing these kinds of jobs while earning money? Sounds crazy right?! Yes, but many people actually choose to work part-time simply because they want to save some bucks without giving anything less than their 100% effort. These days, however, choosing between a full-time job and freelancing isn’t really a tough decision to make. There are tons of websites offering freelance projects which means finding clients shouldn’t be difficult either.

7. Be More Creative With What You Know

Have you always wanted to write a novel? Or maybe create a website design masterpiece? Well, why not try both of them together? After all, writing novels doesn’t need much technical knowledge whereas designing sites does require quite a bit of programming skills. Thus, combining the two would allow you to use your creative mind more effectively. And since you already possess great communication skills, then using them towards creating content wouldn’t seem like a bad choice at all.

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8. Create Something Out Of Nothing

If you’re an artist or writer who has been struggling to find ways to monetize his/her passions, then selling art prints might be the best option available for you. Art print sales aren’t as easy as other types of digital products, but they still provide plenty of opportunities for artists to generate revenue. The key is being able to come up with unique designs that will stand apart from the competition.

9. Write A Book About Yourself


Have you always had ideas floating around inside your head that you never got a chance to share? Perhaps you’ve written down stories on scraps of paper over the years only to forget where you put them. Now’s your opportunity to finally let those thoughts out into the world! Writing a book gives you the freedom to express yourself through words and also helps you gain self-confidence. It’s no secret that having a successful book under your belt makes you look pretty darn cool.

10. Start Your Own Business

Are you tired of spending hours commuting every day? Would you rather spend your free time relaxing instead of sitting behind a desk?

Then starting your own business may just be what you need. Although this type of career path requires lots of hard work and dedication, it opens doors to new possibilities and greater flexibility. Plus, if you take care of your home base first by working remotely, then you’ll have even more time to focus on growing your company.

11. Learn How To Play An Instrument


Have you always dreamed of playing music professionally? Maybe you’d prefer learning how to play guitar so you could rock out with friends whenever you feel like it. Either way, taking lessons now can give you the tools necessary to become a musician later on. Not only are there tons of online resources that teach people how to learn instruments, but these programs usually offer scholarships too. So don’t wait any longer – get started right away!

12. Get Married

Are you ready to settle down and enjoy life? Then getting married should definitely top your list of things to do before you die. Sure, marriage isn’t something everyone wants to experience, but once you make the decision to tie the knot, you won’t regret it. Besides, finding someone special to spend the rest of your days with is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can ever hope to encounter.

13. Become A Chef

Cooking food is fun and satisfying. But did you know that cooking can actually pay off big-time? As long as you keep your skills sharp, you can earn anywhere between $10-$100 per hour while preparing delicious meals. And since chefs often travel all across the country, you can easily supplement your income by offering catering services at parties and events.

14. Run A Marathon

If running marathons sounds appealing to you, then why not try doing it full time? Running a marathon takes months of training, but when you cross the finish line, you’ll be rewarded with some serious bragging rights. Not only does completing a marathon help you build endurance, but it also improves your overall health. In fact, research shows that runners tend to live about 10 years longer than nonrunners.

15. Make Friends From Different Cultures

Do you want to expand your horizons beyond your hometown or school district? If so, traveling abroad might be exactly what you’re looking for. By immersing yourself in another culture, you will find that you meet new people who come from different backgrounds and perspectives. This unique perspective allows you to see the world in an entirely new light.

16. Go On Vacation With Someone Special

Is your significant other constantly bugging you to go somewhere together? Well, maybe they’re onto something because going on vacation with someone else can really bring couples closer together. When you’re apart, you both miss each other and start feeling lonely.

17. Help People Who Need Some Kind

There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping others. Whether you volunteer at a homeless shelter, tutor children, work with cancer patients, or simply lend a hand to those around you, giving back has many rewards. Plus, if you decide to pursue this career path after college, you may even end up making money doing good deeds.

18. Pretend to be a star at a party

Who doesn’t love pretending to be famous? After all, celebrities have everything we dream of having – fame, fortune, power, women, etc. The best part is that no matter where you are, you can still pretend to be a celebrity. All you need is a pair of sunglasses and a microphone. Just remember to act cool and confident, and you’ll soon be entertaining guests without breaking a sweat.

19. Get a tattoo

Tattoos aren’t just for rock stars anymore! They’re becoming increasingly popular among young adults too. So whether you get yours done professionally or DIY style, there’s absolutely no reason to wait any longer. Why don’t you check out these 25 Best Tattoo Designs For Men right now?

20. Swimming with dolphins in the sea


Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins? Then here’s your chance. There are plenty of places across the globe where you can take swimming lessons and eventually learn how to interact with them safely. Don’t worry; you won’t actually be getting into the water with wild animals. Instead, you’ll spend hours learning how to communicate with captive dolphins through touch, sound, and play.

21. Become A Professional Juggler

Juggling balls, rings, clubs, knives, fire-bombs, cups, plates, coins, eggs…the possibilities are endless when it comes to juggling objects. In fact, professional jugglers juggle over 100 items simultaneously. Not bad for such a simple trick. Of course, juggling skills alone won’t make you rich.

22. Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping might seem scary but once you jump off the edge of a bridge or building, you’ll realize why bungees were invented. As long as you trust your equipment, bungee jumps are safe. But what happens if you fall from a great height? If you survive the initial impact, chances are you’ll break some bones. And while broken bones heal quickly, falling down hundreds of feet will leave permanent scars.

23. Cliff Jumping: Go Over Niagara Falls

Cliff diving isn’t quite as dangerous as cliff jumping. While cliff divers jump off cliffs, they usually do so from platforms built above the falls. However, cliff diving does require special training since most people who try it die within seconds due to the force of the water. Still, if you want to experience an adrenaline rush like never before, then cliff diving is definitely worth trying.

24. 1 month to survive on an island alone. With plenty of rum

If you want to test yourself, then try surviving on an isolated tropical island for 1 whole month. This challenge was created by British survival expert Bear Grylls who wants to see which contestants would last the longest. He challenges his participants to live entirely off the land using only their wits and whatever tools they find lying about.

25. Climb A Mountain

It will probably be pricey, but for car lovers, it’s worth it.

Mountain climbing has become incredibly popular recently, which isn’t surprising when you consider how great it feels to reach the top of a mountain. The view alone should be reward enough for putting yourself through the pain of reaching the summit. Even if you aren’t particularly fit, there are plenty of mountains around the world where you can take part in rock-climbing adventures with breathtaking views. Just make sure you check weather conditions first!

26. Skydiving

If you think skydiving isn’t extreme enough then why not try BASE jumping off a cliff face too! This adrenaline-fuelled activity involves parachuting down with your parachute attached to a harness while hanging onto some kind of fixed object such as a rockface. The idea behind base jumping is to jump off cliffs without any equipment other than your own body weight. Once you reach terminal velocity you’ll fall for around 30 seconds until hitting the ground.

 27. Drive a Ferrari


If you are looking for something fast, powerful, and luxurious, why not drive around town in a real Ferrari? There are plenty of these supercars available for rent across Europe. The best part is that they aren’t too expensive either. Rentals start at £100 per day which isn’t bad considering how good they sound when driving past you. Of course, if you decide to buy one instead, expect to pay well into six figures.

28. Go On A Safari

Africa still tops the hit list for people wanting to go on safari and rightfully so. Nowhere on earth can you experience jungles, animals, mountains, and rivers like Africa. The animals can be dangerous, the jungles and waters treacherous but you can experience real adventure on Safari and come closer to nature than you ever thought possible. Trek the jungle by day, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the jungle by night. This is a trip everyone should take at least once.

29. Visit The Seven Wonders

OK, so the original Seven Wonders of the World are probably not possible as some are no longer around, and some may not have existed at all. But the modern world has its own seven wonders and you can see those. You’ve got the Great Wall of China, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro: Machu Picchu. Peru: Chichen Itza, Mexico; The Roman Colosseum, Rome: and the Taj Mahal, India. All of these are architectural marvels that have been around for decades, or even centuries and are iconic to the countries they stand-in.

30. Eat Something Weird:

One of the benefits of travel is trying different and exotic foods. While most look appealing and are delicious, some are just plain gross and weird. Depending on where you go you can eat things like insects, worms, snakes, and a bunch of animals we’d simply never considering adding to our weekly menu. Take the insane and weird up a notch and eat something that is still moving. If you can keep it down, you’re a winner.

31. Throw Water Balloons

Water balloons are always fun to play with, especially when you get them filled with water. They’re perfect for parties because kids love throwing them around and watching them explode. However, sometimes adults want to join in, and having a few balloon fights can be loads of fun.

32. Ride an Elephant


Elephants are gentle giants who do whatever their mahouts tell them. These men train elephants from birth to obey commands and learn tricks. When tourists ride elephants, this gives both elephants and tourists a chance to stretch out their legs and explore new places.

33. Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is a great way to cool off during hot summer days. Just make sure your cliff doesn’t crumble away before you jump.

34. See An Impressive Fireworks Display

Firework displays are impressive feats of skill and creativity. Watching fireworks light up the sky makes us feel happy and proud. Whether you live near a lake or ocean, there’s nothing better than enjoying a beautiful display after dark.

35. make a bit of trouble

Troublemaking is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Make someone laugh, cause a scene, break a window – anything goes if it gets you noticed. Moreover, being naughty feels good too. So don’t hold back – give yourself permission to act crazy.

36. Go On A Hike In The Snow

Hiking through snow-covered forests is amazing. Walking through white powdery stuff isn’t easy, but hiking boots help protect against slips and falls. Going outside wearing only shorts might seem tempting, but don’t forget about the cold. Bring along warm clothes and layers.