why do you need best friend quotes? How often do you hear someone say they don’t have time for friends? The reality is, having good friendships can improve your life in ways you never imagined.

Friends are important. They provide support, encouragement, and inspiration. And they can even save your life.

Friendships can be challenging at times. Sometimes, we may feel like our friendship isn’t working out or we aren’t connecting well with them. If you want to make sure your friendship stays strong, try these three things:

1) Be honest and open.

2) Give each other space.

3) Make time for fun together.

If you’re looking for some great inspiration on how to build a better relationship with your friends, then keep reading! We’ve got some of the most inspiring best friend quotes around.

Friendship Quotes Your Best Friend Will Love

Friendship in simple words is a term used to describe a close relationship with someone. You feel great when celebrating your friends’ birthdays or other events. You also feel great when you brighten up your friend’s day just because. You may want to use this quote as a caption for a photo of your friend.

I’m grateful for my friend because he/she helps me out when I need it most. Friendship quotes show how much we appreciate our friends and how much we care about them.

Quotes About Friendship

  • We could all use a reminder of how important friendship is, whether we’re trying to cheer someone else up or add a sweet note to a gift. Friendship is the most important thing in life.
  • Keep the ones that heard you. Accept yourself as you are. Help others become who they should be. Sing your song. Don’t forget about those who love you.
  • You clicked with this person because you were both real people who didn’t need to pretend to be someone else. You laughed together, cried together, and smiled together. You were friends forever.
  • A true friend is someone who loves you even if you’re not perfect. He or she sees your flaws and still loves you. C.S. Lewis said this about friendship.
  • Friends are very important to people. They help us get along with others. Nicole Richie said true friends are like diamonds. Heidi Wills said there’s nothing better than a best friend. And Unknown said there’s nothing better than a friend with chocolate.
  • True friends are very hard to find. You should be careful when choosing who to be friends with because some friendships may last forever.

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Cute Friendship Quotes to Make You Both Smile

A real friend is one who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you’re. When your friends make you genuinely happy, it’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes sappy saying’s are just the thing to cheer up your friend. These cute friendship quotes are sure to make them smile.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

” -Walter Winchell “A Friend is someone who understands your Past, Believes in your Future And Accepts You Just the Way You Are.

”-Unknown “Growing Apart Doesn’t Change the Fact That For a Long Time We Grew Side By Side; Our Roots Will Always Be Tangled. I’m Glad For That.

”-Ally Condie “Let Us Be Grateful To The People Who Make Us

Short and Sweet Friendship Quotes

A friend is someone who helps you out when you’re down. Friends are the ones who make sure you’re okay when things get rough. Friends are the ones you trust completely. Friends are the ones that know what you want before you do. Friends are the ones whose company you enjoy. Friends are the ones with whom you share everything with. Friends are the ones with whom you laugh and cry. Friends are the ones to help you when you need them most. Friends are the ones for life.

Funny Best Friend Quotes to Make You Laugh

Best Friends Say Funny Things – Quotes That Make You Laugh

A true friend is someone who makes your life easier by being there for you. You don’t need to be crazy to be a friend. Your best friend should respect your opinion and make sure you feel comfortable. Friends don’t care if your place is clean or if you have wine. A best friend doesn’t judge you and won’t try to change you. A best friend will always be there for you.

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Deep Friendship Quotes for Tight Bonds

There are some friends that have always been there for me. They’ve helped me through the best and worst moments of my life. They’ve wiped away my tears, picked me up when I fell, and stood by my side no matter what. Best friends are loyal, loving, understanding, and honest. They’re there for you no matter what.

New Friendship Quotes for Building Connections

New friendships can be built by meeting new people and building connections. Friendships can be formed by making new friends. Some people are more likely to become friends than others.

A friend may be waiting behind the stranger’s face. Everyone you meet knows something you do not know, but need to know. You learn from them. Be genuinely interested in everyone you encounter and everyone you encounter will be genuinely interested in meeting you. Each new friendship brings new energy into your soul. Get out there and make some new friends!

Long Distance Friendship Quotes to Bring You Closer Together

Friendship is a powerful force that spans across any distance. Whether you’re across the state, country, or even the world, you can make your friends feel a little closer with this collection of long-distance friendship quotes!

Remember that National Friendship Day comes once a year on the first Sunday in August. Also, did you notice that National Best Friends Day happens every year on June 8? You don’t need a holiday or even a day off work to tell your friends how much they mean to us, but we do appreciate knowing that you care!

Friendship Quotes for Your Significant Other

Your best friend is someone who supports you and loves you even when you make mistakes. You should always remember this fact about your best friend.

Friendship is accepting a person with ALL their qualities good and bad, and loving them anyway. A true friend loves you even when you’re wrong. Love is accepting a person with their flaws and still loving them. Friendship is accepting a person for who they are, and loving them anyway!

True Friendship Quotes for Your Dependable Friend

Friendships are very important to me. I am lucky to have many friends. I appreciate them when they’re there for me. I love my friends!

A gentle small animal, the kangaroo has only one way to protect itself from its enemies. Their color is their only protection. Making no nests, the kangaroo just sits where branches fork into a tree. Without a tail, the kangaroo can’t find a good balance like birds.

Kangaroos eat only the leaves of gumtrees which they like best. If all of their special food is eaten, kangaroos will not look for food outside their own area. They will remain where they are and die of starvation.

Bill Watterson

Friendship is the hardest thing in life to understand. You can’t learn about friendship in school. And if you haven’t learned what friendship means, you haven’t learned anything.

Muhammad Ali

Friendship is the hardest thing in life to explain. It’s something you learn in school but if you haven’t learned about friendship, then you haven’t learned anything else.

Woodrow Wilson

Friendship is the only cement that holds the world together.

CS Louis

C.S. Louis was an American writer who lived during the early 20th century. He wrote about friendship, love, and relationships. He said that friendship is necessary but not important. He also said that friends represent worlds inside our minds. We meet people because we want to see what other people think and feel. Friends help us understand ourselves better.

Anaïs Nin

Each friend represents a world in you, a world possible only because of them. You meet them and create a new world. You enjoy your old friends as much as you can.

Henry Ford

Old friends are the most valuable thing in life. We should cherish them.

The Muppet Movie

Old friends meet again after years apart. They’re going back there someday.

Henry David Thoreau

Nothing makes the earth seem so vast as having friends at a distance. We see this in the series when Tony meets people he doesn’t know but still feels connected to them. This is especially true with his friend John Sacramone. He meets him in prison and they become fast friends. However, this friendship does not last because of the distance between them.

Hubert Humphrey

Friendship is the greatest gift in life. A friend is someone who makes you feel better when you’re down. A friend helps you get out of your rut. A friend is someone you can trust. A friend is someone whose company you enjoy.

A friend is someone whom you love. A friend is someone with whom you share your thoughts and feelings. A friend is someone to talk to. A friend is someone that you care about. A friend is someone worth having around. A friend is someone worthy of being loved by. A friend is someone deserving of being happy. A friend is someone we need. A friend is someone in our lives. A friend is someone important to us. A friend is someone close to us.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen was an author whose works were very popular during the 19th century. She wrote several novels including Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Northanger Abbey. Her books were often set in England, but she also lived there for some time.


A friend is someone who shares your interests, values, and beliefs. You can be friends with people you’ve never met before. Friendships can last a lifetime or end when one person dies.


True friends are great riches. Never leave a friend behind. You’re going to need them when you go into the next world.

Dean Koontz

Never leave your friends behind. You never know when you might need them again.

Richard Bach

Your friends will know you better than your acquaintances will know in a thousand years.

Elie Wiesel

A friend is someone who travels with you and helps you overcome obstacles. You can conquer the impossible with your friend by helping them too. Your friend doesn’t become obsessed with you, and you won’t be alone when you need help.

George Washington

True friends are plants that grow slowly.

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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh wants to live forever because he loves Tigger so much. He doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

Lois Wyse

A good friend is a connection that ties you to your past, connects you to your present, and helps you make sense of your future.

Edward Young

Friendships are the wine of life. Diamonds are girls’ best friends. Best friends are enduring, made under pressure, of astonishing value. They are everlasting; they can cut anything if they need to.

Virginia Woolf

A friendship is formed when two people meet and share their visions. This happens when two people discover one another. As soon as this happens, they stand alone in immense solitude.

CS Lewis

Two people who have discovered each other are friends. They are both lonely, but they help each other by sharing their visions.

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SE Hinton

Friendships are hard to maintain. You may lose touch with someone because you feel there’s nothing left between the both of you. But when you do get back together, you’ll be stronger than ever before.

George Herbert

Reese Witherspoon is a famous actress who plays a character named June Cleaver in TV show called “Leave it to Beaver”. She was born on September 25, 1981. She is also known as Reese Witherspoon and she is a very popular actress. Her first movie was released in 1994. She won Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 2002. She got married to Ryan Phillippe in 2004. They have two children together.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon and Emma Watson have very close friendships. They’re both actresses who have been nominated for Oscars. Their friendship is strong enough that they don’t need to talk about everything.

H Jackson Brown Jr

Life’s most valuable antiques aren’t friends, but memories. Friendships are something you make yourself, and memories are something you share with others.

Sarah Dessen

Best friends are always there for each other, even if they don’t need to be. There is nothing more important than having someone who understands you. Friendships are made up of many different types of relationships, but friendship is the most important.

Lyle Lovett

You don’t have to have any common interests or experiences with people you know since childhood. Old friends share your entire life together.

Charles Lamb

Friendships are important. A friend maybe someone who talks nonsense and you respect them because they’re your friend.