Are you looking for unique gifts for Christmas? Do you want something that’s practical but also fun? Well, look no further! Here are some ideas for coffee table book gifts that arrive by Christmas.

Christmas is coming soon and if you’re anything like me then you’ll be frantically searching for presents for everyone on your list. This year I decided to give my family and friends a gift that would last longer than a bottle of wine – a coffee table book.

I’m sure you’ve seen these before but I thought I’d share some of my favorite coffee table books that come in handy around the house. They make great stocking fillers or even as an extra present when you know they will love it.

1. A Year In The Life

which was published in 2016. It features 365 images from the author’s life, including her wedding day, her son’s birth, her own birthday party, and more. There is also a section dedicated to her work as a photographer.

This is a beautiful hardback book with a lovely gold foil cover. It comes with a ribbon bookmark and a matching pen so you can write notes inside.

2.  ‘My Family Tree

It’s a gorgeous hardback book with a silver foil cover. Inside there are pages dedicated to each member of your family tree.

You can add photos, drawings, and doodles to help bring their family history alive. If you want to buy a copy for yourself then why not treat yourself to a personalized edition?

3. ‘The Art Of Travel’

It’s a stunning hardback book with a red leather cover. Inside there are sections dedicated to art, architecture, design, photography, music, film, and much more.

There are also lots of helpful tips about traveling and how to choose the best destinations for your trip.

4. ‘A Year In My Garden’

This is another beautiful hardback book with an orange and black cover. Inside there are chapters dedicated to flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, herbs, and more.

There are plenty of photographs of the author’s garden and what she has been growing this year.

5. ‘Stories From The Heart’

This is a beautifully illustrated softcover book with a pink and purple cover. Inside there are stories written by people who have had heart surgery.

Each story is accompanied by a photograph taken just after the operation.

6. ‘Love Is All Around’

This is a beautiful softcover book with a yellow and green cover. Inside there are poems and quotes from famous authors such as Maya Angelou, John Lennon, and many others.

7. ‘The Lost Art Of Letter Writing’

This is a lovely paperback book with a blue and white cover. Inside there are letters written by famous writers, poets, artists, philosophers, and more.

8. ‘The World According To Me’

This is a lovely hardback book with a burgundy and cream cover. Inside there are short essays written by the author, covering topics such as travel, food, fashion, and beauty.

9. ‘The Little Black Dress’

This is a wonderful hardback book with a navy blue cover. Inside there are hundreds of photographs of women wearing different types of little black dresses.

10. ‘The Bigger Picture’

This is a gorgeous hardback book featuring a black and white photo collage style image. Inside there are pages devoted to the environment, politics, climate change, and other issues.

11. ‘The Best Of…’

This is a fantastic hardback book with a grey and white cover. Inside it contains over 100 pages of inspirational quotes, poetry, and prose.

12. ‘The Perfect Gift For Her’

This is a great gift idea for any woman in your life. It’s a hardback book with a light blue cover. Inside there is a selection of gifts that would make perfect presents for someone special.

13. ‘The Essential Guide To Traveling Solo’

This is a brilliant gift idea if you’re planning on taking a solo trip somewhere soon. It’s a hardcover book with a bright blue cover. Inside there’s information on where to go, what to do, and how to stay safe when traveling alone.

14. ‘How To Be A Better Friend’

This is a fabulous gift idea for anyone who needs some help improving their friendship skills. It’s a hardbound book with a red cover. Inside there are tips on how to improve relationships, how to deal with difficult situations, and more.

15. ‘A Year In Fashion’

This is a really cool gift idea for someone who loves fashion. It’s a hard-backed book with an orange cover. Inside there are pages dedicated to every month of the year. There are also pages devoted to trends, designers, and much more.

17. ‘The Ultimate Guide To Being Happy’

This is a truly unique gift idea for someone who wants to learn how to live a happier life. It’s a large-format coffee table book with a turquoise cover. Inside there are lots of inspiring stories about people who have learned how to find happiness in their lives.

18. ‘The Happiness Project

This is a nice gift idea for anyone who wants to start living a happier life. It has a hardback book with an olive green cover. Inside there is advice on how to be happy, along with the story of one person’s quest to find contentment in her own life.

19. ‘The Life You Want Is The One You Design’

This is a beautiful hardback book with a dark purple cover. Inside there are sections devoted to career, health, love, money, family, creativity, spirituality, community, and so much more.

20. ‘The Art Of Simple Living’

This is a lovely gift idea for anyone looking to simplify their lifestyle or get back to basics. It’s a hard-back book with a pink cover. Inside there are chapters dedicated to everything from decluttering, to cooking, to home decor.

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Other tips for Coffee Table Book Gifts

If you want to get someone who has everything a little bit different, then this might be the perfect gift for them. It’s a beautifully designed hardback book featuring photographs taken over the course of 2021.

It includes all kinds of things like holidays, celebrations, food, travel, fashion, beauty, and more. You could even use it as a way to plan your next vacation.

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How to decorate a beautiful coffee table book?

1) Choose a beautiful coffee table book that will make a great addition to any room.

2) Decorate the inside of the book using your favorite colors.

3) Use a small amount of glue or tape to secure the decorations to the front and back covers.

4) If you’d like, add a ribbon bookmark to the spine.

5) Place the book on top of another book so that it stands up straight.

6) Add some pretty paper doilies under the book to protect the surface from scratches.

7) Finally, place a vase filled with fresh flowers on top of the book.

8) This is a simple yet elegant decoration that looks lovely sitting on a coffee table.

9) You can change out the flowers whenever you feel like it.

10) The best part is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a chic coffee table book.