What’s the best way to spend time with your best friend?

If you want to get out there and enjoy life, then you need to start planning fun things to do with your friends. There are lots of fun things to do with your friends. From shopping trips to movie nights, there are plenty of ways to enjoy each other’s company.

So if you want to spend time together doing fun things, then you need to create a friend bucket list idea. This is a list of activities that you would love to do with your friends.

This is a bucket list item of 30 fun things to do with your best friends. These are activities that you can do together, enjoy doing together, and have a fun time too!

You should also make sure to include some activities that you can do alone as well. So don’t just limit yourself to what you can do with your friends. You can still have fun by going on solo adventures or even spending time with your family.

16 Fun Things to Do With Your BFF :

1. Go to a concert together

Concerts are great for getting close with your friends because it gives you an opportunity to connect with them while enjoying music.

2. Have a girls’ night in

Girls’ nights are amazing because they allow you to hang out with your friends and talk about all the stuff that goes on in their lives.

3. Get a manicure/pedicure together

Getting pedicures and manicures is one of the most relaxing things you can do. It allows you to pamper yourself and relax at the same time.

4. Watch a movie together

Watching movies is another activity that you can enjoy with your friends. It’s a good way to bond over something that everyone likes.

5. Take a hike together

Hiking is always a great way to explore new places and see beautiful scenery. Plus, hiking is a lot of fun!

6. Play mini-golf together

Mini-golf is a game where you try to sink a ball into holes using different-sized balls. It’s tons of fun and a great way to exercise.

7. Go bowling together

Bowling is a fun sport that anyone can play. Plus, it’s easy to find a place near you to go bowling.

8. Eat lunch together

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Eating lunch together is a great way to catch up on what your friends are up to. Plus, it’s a chance to eat food that you like.

9. Plan a picnic together

Picnics are always fun because you get to bring along cool items that you can share with your friends.

10. Go shopping together

Shopping together is a fun activity that you can enjoy when you’re looking for clothes or shoes.

11. Visit a museum together

Museums are great because you get to learn more about history and culture. Plus, museums are free which makes them a perfect date idea.

12. Go on a Road Trip Together

A road trip is a fun adventure that you can take with your friends. Plus, it’s an excuse to listen to music and sing songs.

13. Go to a barbeque together

Barbeques are awesome because you get to grill food and hang out with friends.

14. Go swimming together

Swimming is a great workout and a fun activity to do with your friends that don’t require any equipment.

15. Go dancing parties together

Dance parties are a ton of fun because you get to meet people and socialize.  Also, you can surprise her with a birthday party she’d never planned for herself, a bachelorette party she never expected.

16. Hang out at home together

Home hanging out is a great way to stay connected with your friends and spend quality time together.

All in all, having a best friend is truly priceless. Make sure to cherish every moment you spend with your bestie.