Do you ever ask yourself questions? If you don’t, then you should start doing it!

How much time do you spend each day looking at yourself in the mirror? Do you think you look better now than you did 5 years ago? If you answered yes to either question then you need to ask yourself these questions.

If you want to change something about yourself, you first need to understand where you stand today. This is the first step towards making positive changes.

This blog post is going to cover these 101 questions that you should ask yourself before taking action. These questions will help you determine whether you are moving forward or falling behind, they will help you get to the bottom of what your goals are and what you really want out of life. And we’ll give you some examples of how you could apply them to your life.

There are 101 questions that you need to ask yourself before starting a new project. These questions will help you get clarity on what you want to achieve and what you need to focus on.

These questions are designed to help you find answers to all aspects of your life. You can use this list as a guide for any situation.

So let’s begin!

1. What am I trying to accomplish with my life?

2. Where do I see myself in five years?

3. How do I feel when I’m around people who inspire me?

4. What makes me happy?

5. What are my strengths?

6. What are my weaknesses?

7. Who am I?

8. What do I like most about myself?

9. What do I dislike about myself?

10. Why am I here?

11. What do I believe?

12. What do I know?

13. What do I not know?

14. What do I wish I knew?

15. What do I hope for?

16. What do I fear?

17. What do I dream about?

18. What are some bad habits that are holding me back?

19. What are some good habits that have helped me succeed?

20. What does success mean to me?

21. What do I value?

22. What do I hate?

23. What do I love?

24. What do I admire?

25. What do I envy?

26. What do I respect?

27. What do I despise?

28. What do I admire about others?

29. What do I envy about others?

30. What is the meaning of life?

31. what are your biggest goals?

32. What is your greatest achievement?

33. What is your favorite memory?

34. What would you like to be remembered for?

35. What do you want to leave behind?

36. What legacy do you want to leave?

37. What is your motto?

38. What is your philosophy?

39. What do you want from life?

40. What do you want more of?

41. What do you want less of?

42. What should i do to have a successful career?

43. What should I do to become rich?

44. What should I do if I want to lose weight?

45. What should I do so I never get sick again?

46. What should I do for fun?

47. What should I do every morning?

48. What should I do after work?

49. What should I do during weekends?

50. What should I do when I retire?

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51. What should I do at night?

52. How to live a meaningful life?

53. What should I do with my free time?

54. What should I do on holiday?

55. What should I do on vacations?

56. What should I do while traveling?

57. What should I do between jobs?

58. What should I do before marriage?

59. What should I do until death?

60. What should I do right now?

61. What should I do tomorrow?

62. How to find your ideal life partner?

63. How to make friends?

64. How to get rid of stress?

65. How to learn something new?

66. How to improve relationships?

67. How to start a business?

68. How to manage money?

69. How to motivate yourself?

70. How to overcome failure?

71. How to prepare for an interview?

72. How to quit smoking?

73. How to relax?

74. Would you prefer to achieve your previous goals?

75. Do you think you can change anything in your life?

76. Do you think you’re living up to your potential?

77. Have you ever been disappointed by someone else?

78. Have you ever felt guilty about something?

79. Have you ever had a fight with someone?

80. Have you ever lied?

81. Have you ever cheated on someone?

82. Have you ever stolen?

83. Have you ever hurt anyone intentionally?

84. What are your biggest worries?

85. What is your biggest frustration right now?

86. What is your biggest fear?

87. What is your biggest regret?

88. What is your worst habit?

89. What is your best habit?

90. What is your most important goal?

91. What is your purpose in life?

92. What is your secret weapon?

93. What is your weakness?

94. What is your strength?

95. What is your biggest obstacle?

96. What is your biggest challenge?

97. What is your dream job?

98. What is your dream life?

99. What is your biggest life lesson?

100. What makes you live a happier life?

101. What makes you feel better than other people?

102. What makes you happy?

103. What makes you laugh?

104. What makes you sad?

105. What makes you angry?

106. What makes you cry?

107. What makes you depressed?

108. What makes you excited?

109. What makes you feel good?

We hope that this list will help you to answer some questions and clarify your thoughts.